Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trek Story Posted On

The reporter, Zack Vestal, did a phenomenal job gathering information, talking to everyone on all sides, vetting facts and giving everyone a chance to respond. I'll have some comments tomorrow. Personally, I am very pleased that at least the issues have been fairly disclosed.

I'm relieved that at least there is some public awareness of the issue and more Madone owners can check their bikes and decide for themselves if anything needs to be done. I hope this helps even one more person from being injured.

IT IS VERY telling that Trek did, in fact, add more carbon to the layup of the steer tubes as soon as I brought this up and started pushing with exposure. Regardless of what they say, think about it, why would you change the manufacturing of your flagship product when you already have delivery problems? Please. It's because they know there was an issue and they fixed it, period, regardless of what spin they put on it. I'm happy to have played a role in that. This means that Madones coming out now are stronger and safer. That alone was worth being the asshole I have had to be to get this far. Trust me, it's not fun.

Now they just need to decide what to do about the other 6,000 bikes. I think they should recall them but that's between Trek and the CPSC now. At the very least, they should offer any Madone owner a new fork if they want it.