Raising Money For LIVESTRONG

We Will Donate to LIVESTRONG In Two Ways

Race Winnings
All race winnings from all Haymarket Bicycles / HomeVisit team members throughout the season will be donated to the team's selected charity, The Lance Armstrong Foundation / LIVESTRONG.

A number of times during the season, we will record a video message to LIVESTRONG and present a check for our latest winnings. Our race winnings will be donated beginning October 15, 2009 and continue through the entire racing season.

Charitable Pledges For Top 10 Race Results
In addition to the donation of race winnings, the team is conducting a program here on our web site throughout the season to allow donors to pledge an amount of money to The Lance Armstrong Foundation / LIVESTRONG each time a Haymarket Bicycles / HomeVisit team rider places in the top ten in a race during the season.

We hope that this will create a fun environment to follow the team as we race hard to reach our goal and maximize the donations to LIVESTRONG. In keeping our program going all season long, we will have a constant flow of results, news, video and photos that will all be presented along with the LIVESTRONG message.

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How does the pledge program work?
  • Our goal is to achieve (100) top ten race results through the team's racing efforts in 2010. That is an average of (10) top ten results for each of the ten riders on the team.

  • Thus, if a donor pledges $1 for every top ten result, LIVESTRONG will receive a donation of $100.
  • Our goal is to secure pledges of at least $50,000 in the first year and increasing each year in the future.
  • At the end of the season, an event will be held to thank our sponsors and make the final team donation to The Lance Armstrong Foundation / LIVESTRONG.